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About Flowerhill LTD


Flower Hill was established in 1991 by Mr. Yuval Myzlin, a third-generation agriculturalist on Givat Hen.

We engage in the growing and wholesale marketing of cut flowers and potted plants, along with the accessories and supplies necessary to those engaging in flower designing. In addition, we market flower bulbs for agriculturalists.  During the winter, we export flowers to European markets.

Our customers include florists and flower shops, event producers, hotels, wholesalers, flower stands, exhibition organizers, etc. We serve our customers with quality products as well as useful information like guided visits for florists trainee

For most of our customers, we supply our goods via the Pre-sale system, while others independently purchase our products at our site.

Among the flowers we grow ourselves, you'll find Lisiantus, Ranancolus,, Irises, Aster (Calitephus) , Llium Asiatic and LA, lilium-longiflorum,Oriental Lilies,Liatris,  Gladiolus, Freesia, Tulips and korkorma.

The remaining variety of flowers we offer are purchased from other growers in Israel or imported from Holland.  In addition, we import different types of bulbs, including Lilium lingiflouom, Llium Asiatic and LA, Oriental lilium, Gladioli, Tulips and Irises, for our own needs and for other agriculturalists.

Our company office and main warehouse are located on Moshav Givat Hen, 25 km north of Tel Aviv. This central location enables us to reach our customers swiftly.

Our company employs dozens of staff members in growing, harvesting, sorting, purchasing, sales, distribution and customer services.

At our site at Givat Hen, you will find a wholesale greenhouse, some of our growing areas, refrigerated warehouses and flower-sorting areas.

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